Every family has a story, and every story has a place.

A builder fits your family to a home, a custom builder creates a home to fit your family.

About Walker Homes

Creating Exceptional Experiences
Building a custom home is a unique journey, one that not everyone will experience in their lifetime. Choosing the team to go on that journey with you is arguably the most important decision you’ll make in the entire process. You want someone who not only offers excellent craftsmanship and professionalism, but someone you can truly connect with and trust during the construction of your home. Walker Homes focuses on providing:

Our Process

What We Do

Building On Your Lot

Many of our clients come to us with their property already. If you want assistance with finding the perfect location for your future home, we’re happy to help!

Fully-Custom Home Design

Your home is a reflection of you. And what could be more personalized than a home that you had a hand in designing from the very beginning? Not just choosing the appliances or fixtures, but the precise style and structure of the home, and every room within it.

Ready-Made Home Plans

We offer floor plans for you to choose from that we are incredibly proud of and that our clients truly love. These designs still allow plenty of room for you to show off your style and personality—everything that makes you unique!

Walker Homes

Our Creations
The Patel Residence

How We Build

Building Your Story
Walker Homes has the tools, experience and passion to bring your dreams to life. In a way that best fits your schedule, your needs, and your budget. But what can you expect during the construction process?

Proprietary Systems

At the core of our practice is a proprietary system designed specifically for identifying, organizing, and tracking the plans, processes, and products that go into designing and building a first-class home like yours.

Dedicated Staff

Behind the scenes, our team is composed of experienced trades professionals, architects, designers, and project managers. These people are passionate about their work, and the experience they provide for our clients from start to finish.